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Default Re: Barnett Declines UFC Contract Offer

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
Josh much like every other fighter will negotiate a deal that is in HIS best interests.
If he can earn more money somewhere else, good for him.

If he can get more visibility somewhere else, and fight a better standard of competition, go for it. More power to him.

But Josh doesn't have the power anymore, because the UFC don't NEED him. Their HW division is filling out, and Barnett is on the downslide of his career and is coming off a bad loss.

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
If thats not with the UFC then hey ho he fights elsewhere. As few options as there are left, thanks to Heir Dana and his quest for his Reich of world domination
*Herr Dana.

And what do you expect of Dana and Zuffa? Do you expect them to encourage and help competition to their brand? Maybe give a few of their big-name fighters to the smaller promotions, to help them get a leg up so they can take viewers and advertisers and media coverage away from the UFC?

Funny, when PRIDE had all the best fighters and was getting 50,000 people into the Tokyo Dome while the UFC was bleeding money, getting denounced as "human ****fighting" in the Senate by John McCain and most of the way down the road to extinction, everything was great in the MMA world according to you.

Honestly scurla, you have no sense of perspective at all. Why are you so bitter? Just sit back and enjoy the fights. They're easier to watch on TV now than they have ever been.

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