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Default Floyd sure does love that money

He got some real genius marketing schemes.

He first tries to generate buzz with Guerrero by mentioning his name as the next opponent. ESPN, Fighthype, Scene and every other boxing site mentions Guerrero. Some even go about ranking Guerrero in p4p rankings. For the last two months, it was all about Guerrero. At first everybody hated this fight, but after every boxing site mentioned it, it started buzzing. Then..

BAM... Floyd drops the "Guerrero is a rumor" line.

UHOH... that generates even more buzz and they try to figure out other possible opponents. Then..

Another BAM... drops the Alexander line after Guerrero bids himself out. This makes Guerrero paranoid even more now after Floyd says hes just a rumor. I think Mayweather also wanted to see the fans reaction of Floyd vs Alexander.

This generates another huge wave of buzz and folks want to see Guerrero even more now. This also fires up controversy of who it should be.. Guerrero or Alexander..

Everybody now is on the cliff waiting for Mayweather to tweet the next line (from what I see in the forums).

You got to understand, before Mayweather tweets anything, he goes about asking his people first (probably Haymon). All his tweets were planned. There is a reason why Mayweather is the highest paid athlete in the world.

I personally think its going to be Mayweather - Guerrero as long as Guerrero accepts the money Mayweather offers.

Either way, I love seeing the time of year when Floyd fights. Not only the fight itself, but the buzz that the boxing world gets.
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