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Default Re: rear hook/overhand

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
makes some sense for a tall fighter.....but a soft paw...ehhh if you put yourself into position to land it he will hit you with his straight shot before your overhand ever lands 9 times out of 10....unless he just sucks.
True, but then I block his straight left with my forearm, like they do in kung-fu movies, then twist his arm back and push it into his nose making him punch himself in the face. Then land 6 consecutive strikes to his abdomen and when he crouches down I karate chop his neck.

In all seriousness, yes all punches have the potential for predictability, but my right overhand is usually set up with a jab, or double-jab, accompanied by a slip to the left and a left hook to the body.
So of course, it can be countered just like anything else - that's why it's important to a) set it up and b) not over use it.
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