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Default Would a triple threat match be good in boxing?

You know like they have in the WWF?

Think about it-

You take 3 boxers. For the purposes of this lets say it's-

Daniel Geale


Gennady Golovkin


Peter Quillin

Rules are this-

All 3 fight at the same time.

You can punch either of the other 2 fighters.

If you win the round by doing the most you get 2 points, runner up gets 1, loser gets zero.

If you score a knockdown you get a bonus point.

You can win the fight immediately if you knock out one of your opponents and you land the knock out blow.

What do you think. I think with boxing PPV's falling behind stuff like WWF and MMA and UFC and all that other fighting stuff where your allowed to kick people I think boxing needs to add new and exciting ideas like this one.


Pole coming
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