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Default Re: Well Done Amir Khan

Originally Posted by MR KOOL
I did'nt say i was impressed. But he was one of the bad men of boxing last night. Limonds face was a mess, the worst thing he did last night was knock Amir Khan down. I am giving Amir Khan credit, for what he did. He got up, and was the badder Man. Technically it was a mis-match. It speaks great Volumes, when people say. When Amir Khan faces someone who can punch he is finished. That right there speaks great volumes about his boxng ability. 90% of british fighters only have a punchers chance against Amir Khan. He is to fast, too skillfull for 90% of the fighters out there. Limond god bless is in that 90%, he had a punchers chance, "he was not fast enough to hit Amir Khan with consistent power punchers, did'nt have the footwork speed to pin him down". He knew this from, the opening seconds. Where Amir Khan's speed, boxing technical boxing ability was evident to see. Limond used a counter punching style, hoping to land that one big shot, he had success. "But not enough".

So his Jaw got broken, his nose got broken.

Amir Khan beat him up!
If you seriously believe limond had a punchers chance then either you must believe that Khan does have a glass jaw or you know ****** all about this sport.

Stop the presses: Boxer sustains injuries to nose and jaw in a fight. Shock horror. Reports suggest a bad man did it.
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