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Default Re: Prime MW Pavlik v. GGG

Originally Posted by purephase View Post
That Rodriguez purse that Sanchez claimed was offered has repeatedly been shot down as inaccurate (e.g., here: I'm inclined to agree that Quillin has never wanted anything to do with Golovkin, but I don't think anything he's done can be said to constitute a duck as of yet given the short notice for the initial title fight and the fact that he now has a belt of his own. Macklin had a fight on a bigger card at the end of 2012 and had surgery at the start of this year. If he takes on Chavez as is widely expected, that too can be attributed to the existence of a greater reward, rather than fear of greater risk. Even Sturm and N'Jikam, the only two who I think can reasonably construed as having ducked Golovkin, largely did so prior to the point where he had any legitimate promotional backing at all.
OK sounded too high. Did Rodriguez deny it?

Macklin's still looking for his first world title, and he passes on his shot on HBO headliner, for Alcine deep on the undercard, for half the money, say.

The fact that GGG had little promotional backing should have encouraged the Sturm and HNN to fight him. NJikam in particular would easily win the purse bid, and have hometown judges ready. If he made it the distance of course. He preferred to drop his belt instead.
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