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Default Re: Kazuto Ioka vs. Akira Yaegashi RBR

Originally Posted by Diagoras View Post
Thank you sir.

R - Ioka/Yaegashi

1 - 9/10
2 - 9/10
3 - 10/9
4 - 9/10
5 - 9/10
6 - 10/9
7 - 10/9
8 - 9/10
9 - 10/9
10 - 9/10
11 - 10/9
12 - 10/9

Total - 114-114 Draw

Very impressed by both guys, showing their skills and class. Yaegashi's pressure was effective more often than not and he was good at countering over and/or through Ioka's guard. Yaegashi landed better shots in the exchanges. Ioka's jab was at times pawing, but at other times beautiful, especially in the second half of the fight. Ioka landed the best stand alone shots of the fight, notable uppercuts, as well as great body work.

Despite my score of a draw, I do believe that Ioka "wins" this fight on the grounds of the judges scores, obviously, and that I thought the three closest rounds of the fight were 1, 8, and 10, all of which I scored for Yaegashi but would have probably scored even if I wasn't trying to get away from doing that. Also, despite this RBR indicating that Yaegashi was a somewhat clear winner, I've looked into it quite a bit and all of the Japanese media agree it was a razor close fight which Ioka seemed to deserve.
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