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Default Re: How Boring was Lewis-Tua?

Originally Posted by Xplosive View Post
Tua would have ****ed Wlad up.

The cold FACT is...... Wlad wasn't the half the fighter Lewis was. Neither Klit sister was.

The bigger, better brother lost to fat, unmotivated, washed up Lewis.

Prime Lewis would have wiped his ass with either one of the Klit sisters, and I don't see how anybody could debate otherwise.
You can't see otherwise because you're not a boxing fan, but just a boxing hater;
the cold FACT is... Lennoz wasn't at the level of Wladimir, like Steward himself said various times; Lennox's resume is not at Wlad one's levels, and lennox never faced anyone with the combination of speed/power/mobility Haye has;
Anyway, Lennox WAS strong, but mainly he outreached/outweighted his opponents and used his power to control the fight, nothing else; some of his fights are what can be called deadly boring, for a non-fan, but i would still watch them, because even a slow, short Tua could have taken down Lennox in any moment, and that makes Heavyweights fights exciting.
If you don't like Lennox style, go watch middleweights and their flashing speeds; at heavyweights, counts the power and the ability to control the fight; and this is what lennox did against Tua, and against Tyson for what matter.
By the way, for his own admission, Vitali is not the stronger between the two brothers, and this is enough clear in a lot of small things.
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