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Default Re: Khan is finished

Originally Posted by ron u.k.
typical.the trouble is some people who comment know f***all. he might or might not go all the way but a laughing stock? one thing the kid showed last night was that he is a serious pugilist and has real substance about him.he may or may not have a suspect chin but what we do now know is that if the kid fails it will not be for lack of a fighting heart.laughing stock? do me a favour.
ok so its not funny to see a jumped up little **** who thinks he's a lot better than he is get knocked on his **** by a light punching blown up super feather weight who nobody gave a chance of even coming close to winning
let alone knocking the "wonder kid" down then for him to A: have a 13.8 sec count and B:come out and say on national t.v "ill still be world champion in 18 mths" A ****ING TOTAL LAUGHING STOCK!
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