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Default Re: Broner - Justified hype or way overboard?

Originally Posted by D-MAC View Post
I wouldn't say Rees ranks above the likes of DeMarco and Ponce de Leon.
I wouldn't say he ranks above DeMarco true but PDL (not gonna harp on about how I thought PDL won that fight) hasn't done jack **** at superfeather, not his best weight at all

as for Broner, well, I'll admit his personality has grown on me a bit, as for his skill, he's very athletically gifted, his reflexes are over-rated, his defence his good but with his flat feet we have to see how it holds up against a good in and out fighter, great power because he is built like a tank.

As Broner has gotten bigger, stronger and thicker, his legs have slowed down considerably, he will not be able to fight the cream of the crop the way he fights right now, because as mentioned, the boy aint floyd mayweather and never will be, not even close

In short, you can see why they get excited about him, but he's never going to be a great, has a lot of style but we have yet to see the substance
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