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Default Re: Broner - Justified hype or way overboard?

Bit of both. He being hyped because they see him as the heir to the HBO throne. In ways, the hype is very similar to that of when Floyd Mayweather was a lot younger. There are lots of similarities. Floyd had far more "haters" (I hate that term) when he was younger, always trying to downplay his victories and suppress them. Before a fight it would be:

"He is gonna lose, opponent x, y, and z will smash him in this fight, trust me"

Then after Mayweather schooled his opponent, easy work, it would be:

"Mayweather is still ****, his opponent rolled over"

But it dont matter to the fighter, as long as they keep doing the business. The more time went on, the more people started saying the inevitable (that they could have said years and years ago instead of being in denial) but more and more people started to respect this mans ability. Especially when they saw the likes of Pacquiao losing fights, and Mayweather dominating that same opposition.

Boxing is all about levels and Floyd Mayweather is clearly on out-of-this world level with the current crop. There is a gap between him and the other fighters around today. Its almost embarrassing.

Can Broner achieve similar? I would say yes because he has the same support behind him with the money team. They wont see him or let him lose. Losing does not exist.

Do I think he can be better than Mayweather? I don't think so. Whilst Broner is a bit more offensive, he leaves gaps. While that may improve with experience, I dont think he will ever be on Mayweathers level. I've seen Mayweather achieve perfect in a fight, leaving no gaps, or making any mistakes, the only gaps he leaves are traps for him to lure the fighter in, and counter. Sure, Mayweather has declined a little with age (Cotto fight) and makes a few more mistakes, but lets be honest, he is so far ahead of the field, he would have to decline by 50% to even be challenged.

I don't think Broner could decline by 50% and get out with the W every single time.

People say Broner's footwork is terrible, but to be honest, Mayweather was never a smooth operator on the feet. They dont play tap dance, they walk you down, stiff legs and planted feet, to generate maximum power from counters. They dont fight that style, because they are not that type of fighter. So I doubt Broners "poor" footwork will be such a problem. Its just how they fight. Boxing is all about styles, and this style is effective at ELITE level, and if aint broke, why fix it?

It aint like it gets them in massive danger every fight either. They are just as comfortable on the back foot. They cruise fights in 1st gear.

Lets be honest, would you rather have terrible punch resistance, or average footwork?
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