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Default Re: froch kess, body language

Originally Posted by Dean View Post

Bang on PK, as usual to be fair.
I like this thread...

And i always enjoy the build up to fights, and the ****ysis of interviews leading up to the fight.

People who stated body language does not matter, must live a in field somewhere.

I could walk around Liverpool City Centre now, and read allot just by observing body language of the people around me, all it takes is little glance.

I have done security in the past, and you need to pick up on these things, and sense atmospheric change.

Like during the Haye vs Kiltscko build up.

David Haye was extreme tense at the weigh in, and completely uncomfortable.

I picked up at this, and so did Johnny Nelson.

He said something briefly about it during the build up..? But i am not sure weather somebody in his ear piece told him to change his tune!

Somebody at Sky.
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