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Default Re: looks like Klitschko-Pianeta

Originally Posted by turbotime View Post
You still didn't address the reasons why Floyd hasn't fought the guys YOU felt he should have. Like who? Margarito?

The only fight he missed was Cotto that would have done anything for him.

He tried to get the Pac fight but neither wanted to budge to make the fight.
It's not just me - everybody wanted to Floyd to fight Margo and instead he fights Judah (coming off a loss) and Baldomir. I understnad 100% why Floyd took the ODLH fight, no argument there. But a couple years later, Floyd "retires" and sits on the sidelines while Cotto and Margo beat the **** out of each other. After they both lose, Floyd "comes back" and fights Hatton (makes him move up, fight in his backyard, with his ref and judges). Regarding the Pacquiao fight, blame is shared on all sides. But if you talk to most insiders who covered the negotiations over the past 5 years, most would argue that Floyd should carry more of the blame. Bottom line, he's the main man - if he really wanted the fight, it would've happend. Look at the Hatton bout - Ricky called him out, Floyd immediately made the fight. Bam! No hickups. I can go on and on with all the details of the negotiations over the years, but we've been there done that. So let's just agree to disagree about Floyd being very selective, opportunistic and ultra-cautious with the match making in his career.

It's like this - imagine that over the past 5 years or so Wlad stood alone as the money man in the division and was seen as the "face of boxing" by the American media (some see him as a top ten p4p ATG, some even as the best ever). Along the way, there were 3 or 4 proven contenders that would've been serious challenges to Wlad. Yet he finds ways to avoid them and fights lesser opponents, usually once a year (sometimes twice). Every fight is a $60PPV.

It's just comparing apples to oranges my friend.
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