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Default Re: So Pacquiao Doesn't Agree to Extra Tests Until 2 Years Later?

Originally Posted by Miguel View Post
Everyone knows Mayweather's insistence on USADA and his shady relationship with them was a deal breaker...he was insisting on Pacquiao training in the US instead of allowing VADA to administer the tests - look into Floyd's failed tests and USADA's cover-up - why is it that Floyd settled as soon as Pacquiao's lawyers demanded to see all of Floyd's documented drug tests by the USADA - documents were never produced and Floyd settled immediately with his grovelling statement of apology

Wake up and stop being a Floyd nuthugger
First of all, what does Floyd have to do with Pac's unwillingness to take Random blood tests? What was a deal breaker? Do you think that Floyd would pay millions for pac's test to turn out positive for Peds, when Manny can easily get retested by another org? And what the hell are you talking about USADA's cover up. Produce the source or you are full of ****.
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