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Default Re: Floyd should fight Tim Bradley or Martinez or Canelo or Trout or even Marquez...

Originally Posted by jjnight View Post
WTF, are you serious. The ***** fights one time a year. So do you mean he will fight Canelo in September of 2014. Dude that is over 1 year and 7 months from now.

GIVE THE GUY A BREAK? are you serious man. Great fighters like the world to know they are the best. Devon Alexander name should not even come out his mouth. Last year, Mayweather fought Cotto at 154, so he is going to drop down to 147 to fight a nobody when compared to himself, then do back up in weight to 154 to fight Canelo. That makes no since. If he fighting at 154, fight at 154. If you drop down to 147, fight Manny, Bradley or the ****ing Ghost.

You guys get so involved with boxing politics like you'll earning money. Every-time you watch mayweather talk, all he is talking about his how much money he makes, not that he the best and that nobody can **** with him.

He's fighting in 2 different weight classes give the guy a break.

The mother****a fights one time a year in two weight classes. That **** makes no sense. So one year he fights 147 and the next 154.
you should really be giving the guy props for being a 147 and stepping up to fight 154s.

could you possibly even fathom what would happen to canelo if he went up and fought chavez jr at 160? and ass-beating of epic proportions.

and i dont see golovkin fans demanding a fight between ggg and froch or ward.

floyds not a jmw(150,151). appreciate the fact that he can fight in two weight classes, something dawson recently tried to do and failed miserably.

saying that he has to only fight 154s as opposed to 147s from here on out is ignorant.
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