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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by Fighting Fungus View Post
So what your saying is a guy like wilder if he gets a 1 million dollar fight will probably gross less than 100,000 because the promoters will want the money they invested back!
No thats not what I am saying, let's say the promoter has a budget of a million dollars for Wilder to fight somebody on HBO. This means the promoter has to put together a fight and pay both sides out of the million. Let's say they pay Wilder $250,000, and the opponent is on board for $100,000, for a total of $350,000. Both purses are more than fair, so nobody is being robbed. A good manager might have squeezed the promoter a little more, to up the purse but not much more.
The promoter, then has made $650,000, but wait they have to put on a show and pay for the undercard, and everything else that goes to putting on a show, it comes out of the promoters end. Thats why you see **** undercards. This is how the promoter gets his, he is able to get a fee for letting Wilder fight on HBO, and if Wilder looks good then they are able to fight him again on HBO or PPV, where both can get paid. Promoters are really investors, putting up the money to advance the career of the fighter and increase their chances of making their money back.
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