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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by rampant View Post
This is very interesting dempsey and opening my eyes up alot to the way boxers are treated.

It's a shame how nasty it is...when your young with talent and just want to box you dont really want to be thinking about lawyers and that these people are going to try and shaft me.

Keep up the good work! I can see why these dodgy promoters dont like you! I do though!
The fighter can protect themselves, by doing a little research, learn to read a contract, know that you have rights that are protected by law seek advice from people who are in the business, boxing guys will give you their opinions about somebody get a feel for them. Sometimes a fighter is his own worst enemy, "Just cos he smiles doesn't mean he's your friend", fighters seem to listen best to fools, who tell them, that they should fighting this guy and getting paid this much, that everybody is looking to screw them, protect yourself do your homework cos it's your butt on the line.
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