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Default Re: "You have no evidence that Khan has a china chin..."

Limond has got some pop. Yeah he's only stopped like 33% of his opponents but if you include the guys he dropped and hurt then it increases. Include the fact he boxes and doesn't look for the ko, where as in this fight he was looking to make a fight. Plus it was five big shots and you would be a moron to disagree.

Khan is not a hype job. This cannot be substantiated. You list his chin as his major flaw before even knowing he had a bad chin. It was just one of your pathetic assumptions.

Limond is a journeyman

Robinson was dropped by Mitsos Grispos who had 0 kos in 31 fights, plus a record of 1-14-3 going into the bout. In their second meeting Jake LaMotta put him through the ropes and it is said 'Robinson was knocked down through the ropes in the eighth, being saved by the bell at the count of nine'. That wasn't the only time LaMotta knocked him down and LaMotta had 30kos in 106 bouts. I'm sure if Amsterdam was around in those days he'd call the great Robinson chinny with his undefeated amateur record worthless.

You what? 'process of elimination'? pull the other one. It's called 'the process of being a ****'. Zak hates Harrison and you hate Khan, thus you said everything bad that you could about them. Eventually something is going to come true.

You consider Khan the worst kind of chin, this is *******s.

Khan was just 17, showing power in an era of big gloves and headgear plus in terms of skill the Os are still rocking. Kindelan isn't just one of the best today, he is one of the best ever. His amateur pedigree speaks for itself.

You clearly don't give credit otherwise you'd start a thread saying 'Khans chin isn't legendary but I'm a complete **** because he fought like a warrior'. You are a disgrace to the game. Period.

Ali pre Liston showed nothing to suggest he'd take Sonnys shots or go on to take Foremans or Shavers BUT HE DID! Like I said, pre Liston no one knew but they hated. Khans chin may be awful, it may be ok, it may be great. Just let him be.

Wrong Achilles, a small feather fisted 135 pounder landing 5 shots is not going to take me out, I know my own chin and I've taken harder blows than Limond could ever produce, which includes kicks to the head in Muay Thai training.

Not every professional fighter automatically can KO a non-professional fighter with a simple combination, Limond is a very small man and I am a rather large 12 st. man. Again, why is there a need to compare a professional athlete to a civilian, when as a fan of boxing, I am going to GRADE them at their craft, just like I'd GRADE a musician, actor or any other type of entertainment figure...

Even though they are OBVIOUSLY far more skilled at their craft then the average person.
If this is the sort of delusional stuff you want to tell yourself then fine but I promise you in the 6th round Limond landing those shots put you OUT. The odds are on my side. I am saying all this because you obviously have no respect for combatants.

I can formulate a well thought out hypothesis and snuff out a bad chin every damn time, it's far more than a shot in the dark, considering that everytime I project it, it comes true.
More delusional bull****. You've GUESSED one man. I can remember when you said Judah would be starched early by Cotto. Proved you wrong there on the chin and his level of toughness, huh!

Vanda is the definition of a hype job. Journeyman who get sparked brutally for ten seconds is the definition of someone with no chin. You don't know what you are on about.

You hate Khan, took a wild guess he was chinny, he gets put down and you get hard on. This is boxing, the large majority of guys will turn out to not have some amazing chin, thus saying so and so is chinny isn't something legendary, the odds are on your side.

I've never claim Khan had some amazing chin. In fact I've always said I've worried about him in the pros because he doesn't look like 'a man' in that he can stand his ground, take shots, fight on the inside etc That is why I said he needs to be moved slowly so he can mature and gain experience. It is also me who said ****** is avoiding punchers. You see I have reasons and evidence for what I say.

The root of my predicitions, thoughts, statements etc is not hate! I cannot say the same for some. You are now trying to sell yourself off as a prophet. It is laughable. Get some respect for combatants and make comments when you have some proof. If you were now saying Khans chin looks weak, that would be ok BUT you have been a **** about Khan since day one.

So I maintain that you are a disgrace to the sport!
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