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Default Re: did JMM intentionally get hit...

Originally Posted by Gander Tasco View Post
If you read all of Juan's assessment of the fight, he says he was boxing smart, using intelligence - essentially the same thing he's done in the past. No where has he said that he was 'taking more chances' or allowing Manny to get off more then usual. In fact he's given Pacquiao credit for doing good in the fight - read his recent ****ysis on ESPN.

What your doing is trying to take any credit away from Pacquiao. Your guy won, be happy , but it was a highly competitive fight - one that he was losing up until the end.
Losing by what a single point? get the **** out of here with this garbage, Juan said going in, he had to do something different which he did he sat down on his shots more took more risk and the gamble paid off.

I am happy he won, he deserved to have an ending like that. Pac was doing good in the fight nobody said he wasnt Manny started allot quicker as soon as that bell rang he met Juan in the middle of the ring and did not wait he started to get that jab going right away.

However the whole Manny was winning, that too is up for debate but seriously you saying Manny was winning up until the end or Juan was losing come be serious a single point does mean ****, and if you score that sixth well who was winning... I mean the end means up to the ref waves it off, meaning Juan had two 10-8 rounds
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