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Default Re: did JMM intentionally get hit...

Originally Posted by john garfield View Post sucker Pac?
ESPN just did an interview with Marquez where the watched the fight and he broke it down. Here is what he had to say about the KO:

Sanchez: You practiced that counterpunch a lot. Many people think it was a lucky punch. How did you decide that it was the right moment to throw it?

Marquez: We were waiting for the right moment. Manny Pacquiao always makes a fake move that I know too well. He fakes a charge forward and then looks like he is going to follow with a one-two. That's a common fake he has. What I do is, I wait for the moment, he fakes the punch ... that one-two. Then I go for his right hand as he throws it as a jab -- I go toward his right hand. He comes forward with all his weight, and that's why the fall becomes more forceful and spectacular -- because he is coming straight to me and I make my body twist and turn, and the right hand wasn't in a straight position. I believe that this movement made the hand even stronger. ... The clash of two body masses full-on makes the punch even stronger.

Sanchez: You didn't even have the chance to finish that punch; you were left hanging in the middle. If you had stretched out your hand, the punch would have been much more violent.

Marquez: He didn't give me the chance to stretch out my arm because he was charging forward. That's what helped me finish the fight by KO, and it helped make the punch even stronger -- because he was charging forward. I seized that opportunity, because after three fights I know that any changes made by the other fighter, however slight, are very important. That's why we worked on that, waiting for him to make that fake move that I know so well. And when he made that move right then, I wait for his jab and then I jump right into his punch, and that's how I did it. A strong punch. A very strong punch, which wasn't completely straight; it was sort of between a straight right and a hook. That made it even stronger.
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