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Default Re: Should Archie Moore rank higher than Duran?

Originally Posted by Vic-JofreBRASIL View Post
It isnīt for most people I believe....
Donīt get me wrong here, resumes are very important, obviously.

But I mean, I hear sometimes people saying "oh, fighter A is great because he beat fighter B, C and D.....and fighter B is great because he beat fighter C, D and F and whatever...." it is this cycle in resumes, and I get it, but I prefer to put H2H ability also in the mix....with a lot of value.

Because if you donīt see the high level of ability in all those opponents then rate them because they have wins between each others becomes a tad superficial IMHO. You know what I mean ? So H2H and resume are very connected!

Like I said, this deserves its own thread....itīs an interesting discussion.

And sometimes I feel like fighters like Joe Louis, for instance, were unlucky !
Not lucky !
Because he get criticized due to his lack of great HWs faced.... while he didnīt have no Frazier or Foreman to face....what he could do ?

Resumes can be circumstantial too! Just like any other stuff in boxing....
Nice post man, good points. I guess I'm just set in that way where I differentiate the two, a LOT.

For instance, I consider Marquez>Pacquiao

But Pacquiao has the higher ranking because of his resume.
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