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Default Re: Brisbane results as they happen

Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post
Just saw the post-fight interview with Nasser on, I would have thought after so many years of pulling strokes he would be a better liar than that

When asked why the fight only went for 10 rounds when it was advertised as a 12-rounder he kept saying "Go ask them" and "the WBA didn't officiate this fight so they have no say in it".

When asked if he thought Botha's camp had the right to be angry at the fight being shortened he kept saying Botha had thrown illegal punches. Then he said "Look who's got the belt brother" and walked off

Pure deflection and no real answers - so obvious he had the ace of changing the length of the fight up his sleeve in the event SBW was starting to lose. No doubt it was planned well in advance hence no WBA official being there.

He's pure scum and I see where Mundine got a lot of his catchphrases from.
Intresting, I dont dissagree with you on anything you wrote but its prudent to note that your idol Danny Green has done far worse yet you didnt speak a word of it. Do you think what Green did during and after the Briggs fight was as worse or less worse than what Khoder has done here?

Please dont deflect, answer the question if you can.
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