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Default Re: Kell Brook vs Keith Thurman

Originally Posted by assasin View Post
i'm not surprised by all the idiots on here, but i am surprised at IB.

Thurman!? Keith thurman!? get the **** out of here! kell would dominate and end it around the mid to late point.

Thurman isn't going places other than the ****ing canvas. the guy WILL be shown up by a decent fighter not too far from now.

****ing Keith thurman. everybody is on some sort of glue or something.
Hey moron, We're talking about Keith ****ing thurman fighting Kell
****ing brook. The same brook who's a british clubfighter who struggled
in his win with american clubfighter carson jones. Keef one time KO'd
former world title holder carlos quintana faster than Cotto did, so i'd
say that trumps anything your limey boyfriend did.
Class is over.
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