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Default Re: Ward's a more complete fighter than Calzaghe ...


Hi there mate,

How have you been?

Looking forward to Froch-Kessler?

I know I am
Hi mate, sorry for the late reply. I'm good thanks. Yeah I can't wait for Froch vs Kessler. That should be great!

Why do people get so hung up on the Calzaghe-Jones fight.

Most of his fans don't rate it that highly, I know I don't. It was just a payday fight for both of them end of. Yes Joe got knocked down, but I rate his great recovery powers above his good chin. However, he then got up to dominate the rest of the fight to a near shut out.
I think it's just in response to Joe's fans who think it was a really good win.

As for Joe vs Ward, very tough fight to call as although Ward is exceptionally skilled, Joe is such an unorthodox fighter it's hard for anyone to properly prepare for that.

However, if we were talking prime Joe that while guilty for hanging around Wales for too long despite fighting some good fights, had good power as well as the same workrate I'd give Joe a close UD maybe 116-112 or 115-113 assumng no-oe got KD'd which is entirely possible. Just because despite what people say Ward did indeed gas against Froch and Bika and Joe's stamina is almost unrivaled at SMW which I feel he'll start well and then Ward will get some bearing to take the middle rounds, but Joe will tire him out and finish strong to just pip it.

How do you see it going?
I have to be honest and say that, I think Joe may have been a little reluctant to fight him, if he was active now. But if they had have fought, and Joe and have boxed to his full capabilities, then it would have been a great fight. I think it would have been close. I can actually envisage both fighters taking the win. I think a lot would depend on the judging too. Joe has always caught the eye with his super fast hands and his work rate, but sometimes when you watched the replay, they weren't clean punches. It may have turned out like the Hopkins fight, where it was quality over quantity.

I'll always maintain the only SMW I'd pick to beat Calzaghe is RJJ
I think a 100% fit and motivated James Toney, boxing it at his full capabilities could have beaten Joe. But that would have been a big if.

In my opinion, Joe would have had no chance of beating a 25/26 year old, 168 version of Roy. Styles make fights, and I don't even think it would have been close.

As an aside what do you think about Floyd Mayweather declaring Devon Alexander could be his next fighter?

Unfair on Kell Brook
What the hell's happening there?

Has Devon faked the bicep injury to negotiate with Floyd? I don't know what's going on. Obviously Devon wouldn't have been able to have fought Kell and then prepared for a May 4th fight with Floyd. There wouldn't be enough time.

Why would Floyd be trying to negotiate with an injured fighter anyway?

I've heard that the fight wouldn't be sanctioned as a unification fight though.

So I don't think the fight will go ahead anyway.

But it's sickening for Kell. He doesn't deserve this.

Hopefully something will get sorted out soon.

Regards, Loudon.
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