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Default 2nd fight tomorrow, only been boxing 5 months.

I have my second fight tomorrow, after having my first last thursday (not yesterday, the thursday which was the 31st) and ive only been boxing for 5 months (started september) it would be a big help if you could read my first post regarding my debut which would help you give advice on my new question lol

So basically, it never went to plan but I fought a guy who was way above my level however im not so sure how experienced he was. Once again I feel prepared but im a little worried my opponent will be THAT good again, I just would love to win as 0-2 will be dissheartening especially when my coaches saw so much potential having got me my first fight in 5 months boxing lol. I expect him to come out all guns blazing like the last guy so im thinking to the the same but be clever and aggresive, but its different when your in there :/ ill try, any advice and is it likely he will be a COMPLETELY different fighter in terms of skill etc to my last? I hope so. Thanks in advance. BTW its in the day, which I prefer as oppose to my last evening fight.
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