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Default Re: Broner - Justified hype or way overboard?

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
IMO Mayweathers footwork is an illusion. He is just that good. They dont actually move that much in a fight. Its short steps with the forward thinking that eventually you will walk the opponent down and back them up. The backfoot fighter putting the front foot fighter on the back foot.

If you watch the Gatti fight/or maybe it was the Corrales fight? You'll see how Mayweather expertly uses upper body movement and leans from angles to throw combinations to head and body without moving anywhere in the ring.

They dont need to move their feet like most. Its a different style. They create openings with upper body movement and setting traps.

Whenever I watch Broner or Mayweather they look so stiff legged, but when you watch them up top, you'll see exactly why they can be like that. They need to plant their feet to generate such deceiving power on counters, and also to make their opponents punches miss. Mayweather's trademark "pull-counter" is all about upper-body movement, nout to do with the legs, they are stationary and locked in position, they have to be in order to pull the move of, lure the punch in and fool the opponent.

You reach. I teach. Fighting these two must be a nightmare, you think you've got it, and then they take it all away! They take the **** so much, you must feel demoralized at the end of a fight. Mentally and physically.

Masters of the craft.

watch the in and out footwork here, watch how he actually measures the distance, he doesn't just stand there and shoulder roll
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