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Default Re: "The Real Deal Geale".........

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
IF Geale was in the right he should have commenced legal action against the WBA, i dont know the details but lack of action would demonstrate to me that Geale did not have a case for appeal or any litigation against the WBA as a result of being stripped of the title. One does not simply roll over when things like this are done, and i doubt Grange would stand for it if they had findings committing against the WBA.

I dont think GGG or Martinez is dodging Geale, id like to see proof of otherwise to back up your theory. Do you honestly feel GGG nor Martinez would be able to pull the trigger against the Mundine we all watched on the 30th of Feb? Geale dont have to sit around and do nothing, its all mandatory bidding, if GGG put in no bid, didnt turn up, nor did Geales people then its just like Trout v Mundine, Trout didnt get stripped because Mundine didnt turn up did he lol? there is more to it than you are being told mate.
Legal action? We will leave that sort of **** to Sam Soliman and whingers alike.

What it did was give Geale the right to fight GGG for it once again, as he didnt win it off Geale.

Im not being told anything, its obvious.
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