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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by KB50MJ View Post
Hey Dempsey. How do you feel about Al Haymon? Theres been a lot of talk about how he gets great paydays for his fighters.
Al Haymon is good for his fighters but in a way bad for boxing. Haymon has leverage which he uses to get his way as any manager should. The thing is that Haymon is too good, if thats possible. Andre Berto, earns millions when he fights, the question is does he deserve that money? He draws nothing at the gate and fights a bunch of soft opponents until Ortiz and then Guerrero banged him around. Haymon is doing his job getting his guy the best deal so you cant blame him, for what he can squeeze out of the promoter. It hurts boxing in different ways, Haymon has set a high bar $ wise, everybody else will think they deserve as much or more, the outlets(HBO, SHOWTIME, PPV) have a budget, for the year and for a fight, when you overpay on one end, you pay for it on the other end, so next time you see ****py undercard fights, this is one of the reasons why, the networks have an annual budget so if someone is overpaid that is taking a big chunk out of that budget, which in turn means less fights and lower qualty fights. Haymon's musical endevours gives him the power and the leverage with HBO and SHOWTIME.
or google:Behind the Scenes, Haymon Is Shaking Up the Fight Game
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