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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships ****

Originally Posted by Malden View Post
Yup. His cutman said he couldnt do more and refused to let Damgaard out for the next round.

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Williams beat Botha by UD10.

A horrible display of corruption.

Not the scores themselves (I had Williams slightly ahead) - it wasn't a traditional "robbery" in that sense - but still deplorable what happened.

It was a scheduled 12-rounder (announced as one on the broadcast; listed as 12 on Boxrec and @ the bookies) for the vacant WBA International Heavyweight title...but Botha started coming on strong in rounds 8-10 and was hurting Williams badly & frequently. Williams was holding like crazy, leading to point deductions against both men: Botha for hitting on the break and Williams for the holding itself. Williams was nearly KTFO in the 10th. All of a sudden, the bell rang to end the 10th and everybody poured into the ring as if it was all over. Scorecards were gathered and read.

They ****ing changed it from 12 to 10 so Williams could take it on points instead of getting kayoed.

Botha and his trainer couldn't believe it. They were told 12.


people need to pay for this ****
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