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Default Re: "The Real Deal Geale".........

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
How much would he have earned fighting GGG on a HBO card? not to mention the exposure and putting him closer to a mega fight with Martinez? Is boxing for geale about money or his legacy, i would say money is more important at this stage than his legacy.

I will be proven wrong when he fights GGG but i honestly do not see that it will happen, talk of 2014 for GGG is a pipe dream, no better than Mundine saying he will fight Floyd lol , he meets his mandatory in Geale and thats all for 2013? We have 9 months left in the year and he cant get a GGG fight signed for 2013? I dont think he wants his title back as much as he would have you all belive.
Golovkin fights on HBO have done the lowest ratings in 3 YEARS and he has earned a maximium 350K despite being a World (Paper) Champion. You are deluded if you think Geale beating Golovkin will give him US exposure when the causal fan has no idea who either guy is or where the come from. Hardcore fans are unfortunately in the minority these days. Both guys regardless will not get the chance to fight Martinez even if they do face off this year as he will most likely retire after the JCC rematch in September unless he is offered a fight with FMJ

Find me any source where Geale says he can't sign to fight Golovkin in 2013. You are clearly talking out of your **** now because despite Geale having risked everything by going over to Germany twice and beating the then #1 Ring ranked Felix Sturm ( SM was/is champ), you think he is going to avoid a glorified 154 bum hunter in GGG because you think he is another Mundine who cares more about money? Wake up to yourself.
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