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Default Re: looks like Klitschko-Pianeta

Originally Posted by CHEF View Post
WRONG. Contract was to be finalized by end of FEB. Team Povetkin said "we want purse bid" from day 1... thats end of feb/march... then the winner has 90 days to put on the fight... that could be May/june

thats when wlad said ...."lets make the fight in the summer and I want a fight now"... why should wlad sit on his ass from Nov to may/June because Povetkin wants a purse bid?

plus the fact that Team povetkin has pulled out twice before... if the fight was not put together in 90 days, then the 2nd highest purse gets another 90 days. now you are talking Aug/Sept

Team klitschko wants the fight this summer and it gives time for all the **** to be worked out... in that time..BOTH fighters can fight.... I dont understand what the big ****ing issue is
November 2012................"Hrunov said that talks would begin in earnest after Ukrainian WBA super, IBF and WBO champion Klitschko’s title defense against Poland’s Mariusz Wach on November 10. “After that fight negotiations will start, the position of Klitschko and the WBA will be clear,” Hrunov said, warning that Klitschko could still be upset by Wach, who has a 27-0 record."..........They had a deadline of Januray 17th to come to a deal and thats when it went to purse bids....Instead Wlad argued to make another defence and it was granted pushing purse bids for the fight back another 3-4 months.
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