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Default i film london thread (yt instructions in the op)

its becoming an essential part of my boxing media. at all the major uk shows giving face time to all the major players. just watched the interview with quig and frampton this morning. thats exactly what we want to see.

i really like seeing the smaller fighters get some air time as well. and the interview with eddie h as well. covered all the different subjects in 15m that you would be possibly interested in.

a great resource, it would be a massive loss if it went. kugans improved massively as well. Lets have a thread for all of the ifilm clips that people think are worth sharing especially if theres other stuff in it people might not see by the title.


Start the post with a brief description of the clip and put any discussion of the clip after the vid. this just lets people at work etc know if they want to watch the clip.

YT instructions:

Every youtube url has the actual video code in it. you can see it here after the v=

just copy and paste that bit in between the yt tags:

[yt ] PxhGj7lGJh0 [ /yt] (all of the spaces need to be taken out)

sometimes if the url migh be different. the code is still in there, you just need to spot it. heres an example:

the codes still there. it starts at v= and finishes at &. the code is only ever letters and numbers. its really east to spot after a while.

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