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Default Re: i film london

Originally Posted by Wig View Post
Yep the guy fronting that used to be ****ing awful. He still can't speak english properly but I guess that is par for the course with these 'street' types, they would lose 'cred' in the 'hood' if they pronounced words properly.

He's still a ****ing drain to watch but he's getting better, and somehow gets access to all the key players so must be doing something right.

I'd prefer it if the videos were edited so you don't ever hear the interviewer speak, so you just see the question asked printed up on the screen (except in plain English) and they could just film the subject's answer.

It'd be better if that guy stayed the other side of the camera too.

Otherwise I can just about stomach him if I've had a decent sleep.
****ing hell! i think that well harsh. living in france its completely invaluable to me. i like kugan and he comes across as a pretty mellow guy to me and certainly not trying to be 'hood'.
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