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Default Re: Who is the best british fighter of the last 10 years?

Originally Posted by thistle1 View Post
JC's a Boxer, Froch is a Fighter, I think Froch is a better fighter than JC is a Boxer. So Yes.

sorry Ricky Burns, forgot you a minute but you and Price should be our Best to come.
I'd say that you are correct in respect of how they are considered/regarded by most people.

But really, Calzaghe wasn't a brilliant boxer.... he was an exceptional fighter who loved a tear up, and had the determination and durability to pull it off.

Froch can't fight for ****, certainly not at world level. Pretty much everyone who he's beaten has been outboxed and outpunched, he's not really succeeded in a war.

Look at the Pascal fight, was dead even until Froch used his jab, from then on it was relatively one-sided.
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