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Default Re: Who is the best british fighter of the last 10 years?

Originally Posted by thistle1 View Post
JC's a Boxer, Froch is a Fighter, I think Froch is a better fighter than JC is a Boxer. So Yes.

sorry Ricky Burns, forgot you a minute but you and Price should be our Best to come.
I'd say that you are correct in respect of how they are considered/regarded by most people.

But really, Calzaghe wasn't a brilliant boxer.... he was an exceptional fighter who loved a tear up, and had the determination and durability to pull it off.

Froch can't fight for shit, certainly not at world level. Pretty much everyone who he's beaten has been outboxed and outpunched, he's not really succeeded in a war.

Look at the Pascal fight, was dead even until Froch used his jab, from then on it was relatively one-sided.
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