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Default Re: 1970's 'Best of the Rest' Heavyweight Tournament: First Round (Part Three)

Originally Posted by zadfrak View Post
I made an error voting and picked Ledoux over Foster. The big Mac that fought against Ali--an underrated fight for sure--is too much for Scott. And Ledoux just held those hands so low in there for a slugger type. That sneaky left hook of foster's will land and I tend to think it goes the distance for a decision win.
If need be, I will take that into account.

Lyle/Coetzee and Floyd/Shavers are real interesting bouts. The kind where if they met 3x, nobody is going 3-0. I don't seem to recall Ron ever being mentioned as an opponent to travel to South Africa when they were trying to get american heavyweights to take on Schutte and the upcoming hitters in Knoetze and Coetzee. I wonder how some of those old heavies like say Lyle or Shavers or Norton or would have done going on the road back then? I'm surprised the Bugner type durable guys didn't go either.
You got to remember the politics of the situation. Yes some did it, no doubt for good money, but I suspect a few more decent Heavyweights turned down the offer of fighting in 1970's South Africa on principle.

And if Bugner had gone, I suspect because of the Gleneagles agreement and/or public pressure, he would of lost any British/Commonwealth and European titles he may of had, and probably would of struggled to get a decent pay day in Britain and the rest of Europe.
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