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Default Re: Broner - Justified hype or way overboard?

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
Broner is a good fighter no more no less Burns and Vasquez would beat him IMO I don't hear the Gob saying he'd fight Ricky in the UK Craney but you have heard Ricky saying he'd fight ***** over there!
Speaks volumes really don't you think
Not this argument again?

Common sense.

Answer me this Bill - If you are where its at, why would you go where its not?

Here's me thinking Ricky would jump at the chance at a big Vegas fight. A dream for any fighter in this day and age! But no, and your even using the "Broner won't come here" card. The fact is, Broner doesn't have to come here! He is holding the WBC strap.

We all know the game, If Ricky beats Vazquez, it'll be:

"The fight aint happening unless Adrien Broner comes to Scotland, because Ricky is holding two belts"

If you keep moving the goalposts, your gonna have holes all over the pitch!

And before some ****ed up jock(s) infiltrate the thread, saying I'm trolling you and trying to get a rise out of you.

I aint.

If Ricky wants the Broner fight? He should go to the US to prove himself at ELITE level, just like Gavin Rees has done. But lets be honest, doubts have clouded over Ricky Burns with plenty of people asking, does he REALLY want the Broner fight?

Not me, but people are asking the question.
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