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Default Re: Froch and his "Warrior" nonsense!

Originally Posted by PaulieMc View Post
He's a throwback. A fighter who'd have fitted in back in the good old days when boxing was more about guts, heart and toughness than it was about skill and athleticism.

Fellas like Khan, Haye, Cleverly and so many others wouldn't have got anywhere near titles 30 or 40 years ago if they'd even lasted in the sport at all. Froch though has that grit and inner-mental strength to suggest he could have IMO. Kessler is the same. True tough guys who like to have a war, not athletes who just hit, hold and run and don't like going to the deep water. Sometimes Froch's confidence and self-assurance crosses the line into arrogance, it's always the same with him.
This warrior bull**** is often just a selling point/excuse for fighters who don't have as much ability e.g Froch moaning because Dirrell didn't stand in front of him with his chin out like Froch wanted him to. If Froch had the ability of a prime Roy Jones, he wouldn't stand and trade either. He has to fight the way he does because it's the only way he can fight. Hatton was a tough, gritty fighter too but look where that got him against Mayweather, a fighter who many refer to as a coward (not that there is any shame in losing to Mayweather". Kind of ironic. No fighter should go into "deep water" unless he has to. SRL didn't do it unless he had to. For some of the best fighters, physical and mental toughness is just something they fall on when all else fails. For lesser fighters, it's the only thing they have. Calzaghe had an iron chin too, only he didn't have to rely on it as much as Froch does so he's not considered a warrior. People like to romanticize it, as if we're still living in Ancient Rome when guys would fight to the death in the Colosseum.

To say that Khan lacks mental toughness is also unjustified. What he lacks is physical toughness because his punch resistance is not very good. Even some of his biggest haters here will acknowledge that the guy has ***** and has shown heart and determination many times by getting through tough moments to win.
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