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Default Re: "The Real Deal Geale".........

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
Try and do some research instead of making it up on the spot, Ty.

According to WBA rules, a champion has 9 months to face his mandatory or he gets stripped. Geale was given three on short notice AFTER the Sturm fight had been signed. He knew he had to fight Golovkin (and has stated he is more than willing) but not within three months, so get your facts straight before making an **** of yourself. The WBA ordered that they would have to fight by the 31st of December ONE DAY BEFORE THE STURM VS GEALE FIGHT and well after the fight had been signed.

They are asking him to go from fighting the then Ring ranked #1 overseas to fighting the Ring ranked #3 in less than three months. The WBA did not want Geale as champion, otherwise they would have stripped WK, Chris Johns, G. Jones and others of their titles seeing as they have avoided their mandatories just as long as Sturm did and even granted them extensions.

What did i make up? Geale knew his legal obligations to the WBA were to fight GGG in 4 months and 2 weeks time, he was given a date that was 2 weeks shy of the 4 months and 2 weeks. Whats the big deal?

Geale was going to fight in December then 4 weeks later fight Mundine? He had no intentions of fighting GGG thus had no grounds for legal action against the WBA for stripping him, thats why he rolled over and allowed them to take the title and put up no fight what so ever. Only to say he would fight GGG but not when the WBA told him to do so lol.. ummm hello, he was told that if he won the title he had 4 months and 2 weeks to meet the mandatory and thumbed his nose up at them and you expect them to bend over backwards and do him a favour?

Fact is Geale did this to himself. KAS, what about the Money comment you made, didnt you make that one up or you really belive Geale didnt fight Mundine because of the money haha

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