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Default Re: ending w/ lead hand concept

Originally Posted by orriray59 View Post
You wouldn't be in a better position, though, from my experience. When you finish with a jab you can immediately shoot out another punch, like a straight right, for example.
With a left hook your hips still have to reset and in some cases, if your hook gets deflected or you throw it too wide and it lands on an arm or something, you're going to be off balance.
Well hey maybe you should tell Lou Duva, we all know he needs some help coaching...

If somebody finished with a left hook you would want to turn to your left taking the sting away from the punch and probably counter with a left of your own but by then the person is in their pocket and can easily move back or do whatever they want to dodge your punch or get out clean, if you throw a jab i would think to throw a right over the top, the difference is if you imagine a guy finishing a combination on you by throwing a left hook and him going back into his position and you wanting to throw a left hook or uppercut he can move back and counter again because he will most likely be in better position and balance. But if you imagine him ending with a jab he will be more straight up and in less of a position to defend than if he had thrown a hook and you can counter with a jab and work from there.

Anyway whichever you prefer dosen't make any difference to me so yeah

Personally i do like the jab but i still think the left hook is better.

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