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Default Re: Khan is finished

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
I am talking of RANKED fighters Achilles. Khan's not compared to the average low level fighter is he?

He's compared to being a future World Class fighter for Britains gain, where as his chin is not much better than most of the lower level fighters.

Is it really that Khan's chin is so bad, that you have to bring up the majority of low level tomato cans, journeymen and other types in comparison to attempt to lift him up as having a "superior" chin to those types?

Why would you compare him to a level he hasn't really reached yet?

Everyone says, claims or yearns to be a champ. If he didn't think like that then you should be worried. Plus with his background in the ams, who can blame him.

Of course I have to use journeyman etc as examples because they definitely have worse chins. We don't know where Khans chin ranks yet because he has only had one big fight.
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