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Default 5 months Boxing - Before and After pics.

Im 17, started boxing september last year so 5 months. I done it because its my passion and I wanted to compete, a bonus was it has really improved my physique and confidence, heres some before and afters in only 5 months, I could do with some opinions and advice on how to improve further as my body has stopped improving so dramatically in the past month.

Before - Untensed
After - Tensed
After - Untensed

(keep pressing the right arrow key, theres about 17 photos if im correct)

I dont do weights, maybe 12 reps on a pushup bar 3 times a week. 30 sit ups 3 times a week, for some reason my left pec is underdeveloped. Ive seen little progress in my abs for 1-2 months now, when I started I was 61kg and skinny, now im 65-66 and quite tones. Opinions and advice on how to keep improving would be appreciated.

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