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Default Re: 1970's 'Best of the Rest' Heavyweight Tournament: First Round (Part Three)

Yep. Interesting times.

But Arum had Tate go down there twice in a row. Incredible. When will be the next time we will see that? But Arum told Ace Miller and that Tate management what to do and I don't think it was open to debate. Not exactly like dealing with Herbert Muhammad, was it?

It even took a long time for those guys to get fights in neutral territory. But Arum put Coetzee in with Leon Spinks in Monaco and that opened the door. If Gerrie had lost that bout, a lot of things would have changed for both guy's careers. What a pivotal fight and kind of like a carbon copy of the Bobick-Norton fight a few years earlier in temrs of just how much was on the line for the winner. and just how much there was to lose for the guy unfortunate enough to come in 2nd place.

Whatever happened to those heavyweight pivotal fights anyway? I'm not sure the recent Haye--Chisora fight was of that magnitude when 1 guy was on a losing streak afterall. But it's easy to understand when you have to put up all your chips and bet if the roulette wheel is going to be black or red.
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