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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
i was actually being a bit of a dick...that last sparring session wasnt bad....the guy he is sparring with does look young..but he is about the same size...and mrtony is definitely holding the advantage..i would just say work more combos...and try to get your footwork changed up a bit..dont just always move the same direction.
Oh, come on, man...I've been on esb for going on 4 years now. I'm far from thin-skinned... it's all good. I'm not sure how old he is. 13 or 14, maybe. I have to go to the 4pm class because of my work schedule, and that 4pm class has quite a few kids in it, so I sometimes find myself training with youths, who go as an after-school thing. It kind of sucks, because I feel like I have to hold back on them, except when I went against this 14 year old, 6'1, 200 pounder...
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