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Default Re: 5 months Boxing - Before and After pics.

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
Carbs don't need to be a specific GI, it's a flawed concept. GI is determined when feeding carbohydrates to fasted individuals in isolation, when you add meat and olive oil for example to a carb source, you can just disregard it entirely. It also completely ignores glycemic load, which is theoretically what you should be more bothered about.

As for high protein, it depends how high you're talking tbh.
Like i said some smartass will flaw my comment. . 2kg of protein per 1kg of bodyweight is a good start. Im just saying what works for me. If i eat ****ty carbs i get a belly , if i eat good (sweet pots , squash , brown rice) at the right times (post training) the belly keeps at bay. Im not some smartass wannabe nutritionist. Ive just learnt what works through years of practical trial and error on myself. A lot of guys will prob be more efficiant on here but just helping out.
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