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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
Well you still have to follow the basics, despite holding back. Guard up high, throw proper punches, stand properly, move properly, etc.

I accidentally knocked out a young kid a few years ago. He threw a lazy jab and I warned him that it was lazy a few times. After a while I decided to parry it and throw a very held back right hand over the top. Unfortunately he walked straight into it and collapsed like a sack of ****. I was only just able to catch him. Kid went mad when he regained consciousness but he understood my point when he calmed down

I also put a girl on the canvas with an ultra weak liver punch. Both were accidents, I swear
that kid i sparred.....i dropped him with a left hook....didnt mean to throw it hard..and it really wasnt hard.but it was harder than i wanted because i slipped to my left to avoid a big overhand he was throwing and than i turned the left hook over...the motion of coming around was enough to drop than.

last week though i did nail him in the arm pretty good...made his arm useless for the next 3 days..and i did that on purpose because he kept on hitting me in the *****...and i know he was doing it on purpose.

i had on the heavyduty protectors so i didnt feel the shots..but still..thought i should give him something
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