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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships ****

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
So if I'm understanding correctly, the timeline would look a bit like this

Bika v s.....
Froch v kessler
Bute v stevenson

Ward v winner of bika v s....
Bute v Stevenson winner v froch v Kessler winner

Winners fight in huge unification whilst Abraham sits in the sidelines milking his belt.

For eveyone bar ward this is a good division. Ward's only meaningful fights are rematches he's already dominated. For the rest of them it's looking like some good fights are going down.

you think that scenario is likely?
Ward might not want to sit outside on all of this.
WBC might wanna strip Ward by any means, So Bute might have his WBC chance anyway.

Bika-Sjekloca is a done deal.
Froch-Kessler is a certitude.
Bute-Bika is the most likely fight to happen, his promoter is talking like it's a done deal so maybe he knows best. Bedard also said after Bika, Lucian will get Froch or Ward.
I like the stevenson fight because it get's him out of his way towards Froch and IBF(where he already got a deal for a fight in Canada), while Bika doesn't necessarily get's him a fight with Ward.
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