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Default Re: Johnson reneged on agreement to fight Langford

"You made a thread about Johnson not keeping his word with the NSC to come back and defend his title for a paltry 1000, a big song and dance during which you twice called him a "scumbag". You are not even sure if Johnson signed the contract yet you go off as though he is the only fighter to renege on a fight and its some unique occurence , instead of which its been going on since boxing began."

Never said he was the only fighter to do something like this but why should that change my personal opinion of him for doing it? As for how sure I am he did it and having any proof, the N.Y. Times indicated they had a copy of his letter SIGNED by him. That seems like pretty good proof to me. But, you want to see the letter and signature to have your handwriting expert perform an ****ysis. I'm on it, I'll do my best to track it down.

"How else is one to intrepret your opinion of Jack Johnson as other than biased against him?"

Personally, I think you're biased when it comes to Johnson.

"As I said I am not alone in my opinion of your stance in this matter, but never fear ,as soon as he sees this ,Mendoza will be galloping to your side and you will have the company of that revered historian ,and classic scholar to give you moral support."

No matter, I'm comfortable expressing my own opinion regardless of who disagrees with it.

"I've done you a favour on this thread , by keeping it going , I've enabled you to get several plugs in for your book. You should give me a % of the royalties. "

Maybe so. But, as for royalties let me tell you there is no money to be made in writing a boxing book, at least based on my personal experience. I kept fairly good track of my expenses in writing the Langford book and the revenues I brought in. And, I figure I've made about all of $2,000 on the book to-date. And, that is only if you don't take into account the thousands of hours spent researching and writing it. I've told countless folks that in terms of my financial situation I would be much further ahead if I'd spent all that time flipping burgers at McDonalds instead. Writing a boxing book should be viewed as a labor of love. However, maybe I'll actually end up making a bit of money if that Billy Miske movie really does get made based on my book (see other thread).

McVey, I have always enjoyed your posts in the past. This thread has obviously become heated between us and I regret that. But, I really don't appreciate being accused of purposely trying to mislead anyone, that is not my style. I think it's fair for you to accuse me of being biased in your opinion but I felt you went too fair with that accusation.
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