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Default Re: Prime MW Pavlik v. GGG

Originally Posted by dbouziane View Post
went through zuniga, zertuch, mckart, miranda and taylor. none had been stopped. he stopped them all (well zuniga was on cuts but still). and then for good measure he beat taylor again. that's not a bad run. in fact, martinez is the only mw to see the cards against him and he fought martinez two weeks after coming out of rehab.

working your way up the right way (as hopkins commented on pavlik's run) and knocking out the recognized king of the division means you had a prime. maybe not a prolonged one b/c you couldnt keep your nose clean otuside the ring...but it is a prime.

i mean for ****'s sake noob what do you have to do to have a prime in this game if becoming the regonized champ of one of boxing's banner divisions isnt a prime?

not an atg/hof = you should kill yourself....youre one of those, right?
lol, he was a good fighter, but retirement gives him super powers?
Pavlik pretty much folded after his first loss and became a drunk and never came back. That's hardly a heart of a champion. He did beat some top 10 fighters though, but he is not top ATG. Martinez beat him easily too, and Martinez is a small middleweight. Hopkins was old and made Pavlik look like a joke. Before his retirement everybody on this board were calling him a bum, and right after retirement he is a force. Just like somebody hit a button and everybody's opinion changed in a second.

2 best fighter Pavlik fought pretty much outclassed him. Both were old, and 1 of them was in his 40s.
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