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Default Re: So, what do we think of Frampton's win?

Originally Posted by DrMo View Post

Kiko might've been a bit fresher than Rendall but Quigg's performance was better. He didnt get caught as much & looked more dynamic when he let his hands go.
Rendall is a completely different proposition to Kiko at this stage in their careers. It's comparing very different things and it's intellectually dishonest to compare the two in this way.

Who's to say Frampton would have been hit if he'd faced Munroe? Who's to say Quigg wouldn't have had problems with Kiko?

Originally Posted by BlackBrenny View Post
and that is why he has been hyped, you can tell the guy has great talent and ring IQ, remember, 16th fight, some people are getting carried away pushing for a world title fight, the guy is progressing perfectly, but he needs a few more upper echelon fights before we throw him to the wolves just yet, its a stacked division
This is how I saw it. He showed maturity, he took a little time until he realised he could blunt Martinez's power by staying with him on the inside, and he didn't let himself get chased around the ring. He didn't do too much wrong, unless you give Kiko no credit for his own good work.

Originally Posted by Scotty321 View Post
Those commentators only saw one guy fighting. Kiko marches in face first but when he gets hit all we hear is "oh lovely shots from Frampton".
Carl seriously outlanded Marinez but anytime he got tagged it was because Framptons defence needs to tighten up!

A fine and entertaining performance from Frampton. Physically, I think he is very strong at this weight. Stopping Martinez was quite a statement and he ate a few banjos along the way too. When a guy brings pressure like Kiko did, you just cannot expect the other guy to keep on his toes all night.
Agree so much that it scares me. Kiko did a good job last night. Focusing on Frampton alone is to ignore that.

I actually thought Frampton showed he was very capable on the inside and outside, and he adapted every time Kiko showed him something new. He dealt with the early aggression by using lateral movement, he started hammering in hard singled when Kiko tried to jab his way in, then when Kiko started trying to rough him up, Carl obliged on the inside in centre-ring. It was a very impressive performance, IMO. The knock-out was an incredibly astute piece of trap-setting - he backed up toward the ropes, Kiko started trying to wail punches in and Frampton timed a shot as he opened up.

Sure, he was a little reckless at times, but that was a great fight both in terms of action and development.
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