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Default Re: Harry Wills Articles

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Wills is openly responding above saying Tunney didn't want to fight him, he was hardly given much press exposure generally

Boxers often call boxers out to posture and then don't fight them. The newspapers claiming Tunney wanted the fight could have been paid by promoters. Wills does allude to Tunney been 'built up', promoters. been articles about. Note Tunney never fought a black opponent
There was a period when it looked like Wills might get his title shot in preference to Tunney. At this point Tunney probably was willing to fight Wills as it was not a given that he would get his title shot, and beating Wills would have made him the top contender.

Wills felt (with some justification) that Rickard was trying to cheat him out of his title shot, by matching him against the most dangerous contenders, until he got the result that he wanted. He therfore sat on his #1 ranking and tried to force a fight with Dempsey.

What are you actually claiming here, that Wills law suit against Dempsey IN THE 30s is why Dempsey didn't fight Wills in the 20s now
Wills instigated some sort of proceedingas against Dempsey after the Firpo fight. I assumed that you were reffering to that.
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